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Refinance your debt to establish more manageable and sustainable repayment terms.

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Pay for tax debts and cover operating costs, including staff, utilities & other bills

Purchase more assets

Lend against your inactive equipment and scale your business with new assets.

Our eligibility criteria is simple to make sure ABL is the right fit to your financial puzzle.

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Accepted Assets

Transport & Trailers

This includes lending against large transport trailers or smaller utility trailers.


This covers loans provided with cars, trucks, and other vehicles as collateral. Perhaps the most common form of asset-based lending involves assets.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) and Marine

This refers to loans provided with recreational vehicles or boats as collateral.


While it might not seem “mobile” in the traditional sense, inventories are often moved around and can be considered as mobile assets. This type of lending allows businesses to use their inventory as collateral.

Aircraft & Aviation

This covers loans where airplanes, helicopters, or other aircraft act as collateral.

Civil & Heavy Equipment

Businesses that operate with heavy machinery (like construction or manufacturing) can obtain loans using their equipment as collateral.

Let us help you answer some of our most frequently asked questions across all types of asset categories and business industries.

ABL has removed the typical delays when assets like property are used as security. Once we have sighted the asset & completed the valuation, we can provide funds within 2 hours of executed loan documents. We have a valuation team that can value assets both online & onsite if required.

Our standard terms are 60% of the valued asset, we assess each deal on a case-by-case basis & assess on its own merits.

ABL secures their loans against security other than property unlike most other Private Lenders. This allows Directors & decision makes flexibility by having an alternative form of security to use as collateral that suits the business & not have to use the family home as security.

ABL have an upfront application fee of $1000 + GST payable at execution of Letter of offer. Upon receipt of application fee, we will instruct our solicitors to prepare legal documents, the legal fees are $750 + GST and can be added to the loan amount. There is an additional charge of $300 + GST if the asset requires a valuation to be done onsite.

Yes, we have the capability to take an online application whereby you can provide an overview of the assets & provide asset details i.e. description, VIN number etc including being able to upload photos to help with the valuation process. We will assess the assets, determine a valuation & provide a letter of offer outlining the terms of the loan, typically within 2 hours of completed indicative valuation.

Our standard loan term is 90 Days; however, we would consider rolling the loan over another term if there was a clear exit strategy & there was an updated valuation undertaken.

In the event the loan is not repaid at the end of the loan term, ABL will commence a formal sale process through our Auction & Valuation providers & sell the asset. At the completion of the sale, outstanding monies are repaid to ABL, auction & storage fees are paid to the auctioneer & the balance is returned to the borrower.

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